The Participatory Budgeting Exchange (November 28 & 29, 2018) in Barcelona, Spain, will bring together international participatory budgeting (PB) experts, implementers, and funders to co-design new approaches to better exchange ideas, solve common problems, and strengthen the results participatory budgeting delivers.

Your participation in this event will help shape how the Hewlett Foundation and other interested funders allocate and coordinate new resources to support global PB initiatives in 2019.

PB Exchange builds upon 6 months of participatory activities in 2018:


What to expect

Materials will be shared in advance with confirmed participants for review (mid-November), however there is no specific preparation required for PB Exchange.

We hope you’ll come ready to dive in to build new resources with your peers and colleagues during this highly participatory event!


PB Exchange will be conducted primarily in English, with in-ear interpretation in French, Spanish and Korean.


Time slots (1h) will be available for participants to present or facilitate open discussions on specific aspects of PB during Day 2, and will be allocated by voluntary sign-up on Day 1–so feel free to prepare in advance if you already know you’d like to participate. (A projector will be available, though slide decks are not required, along with live interpretation for select sessions.)



We look forward to welcoming you in Barcelona!

Workshop venue

Participatory Budgeting Exchange will take place at Carrer de Corsega, 286 (you can use google to find it here) from 08:30-17:30 on Nov. 28 & 29 2018.

Getting there and away

Barcelona’s international El Prat Airport is located approximately 20 minutes from Barcelona’s city center, connected by metro, shuttle, taxi, and Uber services.

Local transportation

Daily shuttle service will be available for participants staying at Hotel Vilamari. Departure, from the hotel lobby, will be at 8:00am, and return from the workshop venue at 5:30pm daily.

Taxis are common in Barcelona, and many drivers speak both Spanish and English (although it’s advisable to write down your destination in Spanish and carry it with you!). Additionally, Uber is available in the country and can bring you where you wish to go.

Barcelona also has a high functioning public transit system called the TMB. You can find more detailed information about it here as well as a metro map here. However, Barcelona is a lovely, walkable city!


All travelers are asked to secure entry visas, if required, before travel. You can check to see if you need a visa by visiting this website.


The Spanish currency is the Euro (EUR). The current exchange rate is USD 1.00 = EUR 0.87. You can withdraw Euros at ATMs using debit cards.


Weather and time

Spain spans two time zones represented as Central European Time (CET or UTC+1) and Western European Time (WET or UTC+0).

Barcelona in November is traditionally temperate and sunny, with an average of a high of 62°F (16.7°C) and a low of 52°F (11°C). Here is the weather forecast for Barcelona.

Be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Communication and electricity

Dialing code: +34

Internet code: .es

Electrical voltage is standardized in Spain to 230V.

It is advisable to carry a plug adapter if your appliances have a different plug shape or run on different voltages (e.g., 110 volts). The adapter should be type C or F. Note that the flat European standard fit into the Spanish sockets.

We will have constant and reliable electricity at the hotels.

In case of Emergency

Police in Barcelona - dial 091

Emergency Services - dial 112

Hospital de Barcelona - +34 932 54 24 00

Av. Diagonal, 660 08034 Barcelona

PB Exchange contacts


Chelsey Lepage -chelsey@reboot.org

Alyssa Kropp - alyssa@reboot.org

Event Coordinator

Isabelle Bonneau - isabonneau@gmail.com / +34 687 52 12 87




The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation is a nonpartisan, private charitable foundation that advances ideas and supports institutions to promote a better world.

The Hewlett Foundation is supporting the PB Exchange co-design process to inform its 2019 grant-making priorities and strengthen the impact of PB around the world.


Reboot is a research and design firm that works with change agents in government, civil society and philanthropy to solve civic challenges.

Reboot is facilitating the PB Exchange co-design process, and has recently conducted research on PB implementations in Madagascar, Mexico, South Korea, and Spain.